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The future road of fashion depends on environmentally conscious solutions. Sustainable fibers from sustainable forestation will provide a key element on that path.


ENKA is a market leading provider of sustainable solutions to the fashion industry. ENKA manufactures viscose filament yarns, a 100% wood-based product, which is fully bio-degradable and which is gained from sustainable and FSC® certified forestation in Scandinavia. ENKA employs closed-loop production techniques, recovery units and biological waste water treatment systems. ENKA is certified according to Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® Class I & Appendix 6 (Z1.0.0541), FSC certified and audited by CanopyStyle (Forests into Fashion).

Sustainable Fibers from Sustainable Forests

As the textile and fashion industry is one of the most labour and resource intensive industries in the world, its environmental footprint is more than obvious. At the same time, unfortunately, governmental and environmental legislation as well as public awareness of sustainability matters in many of the main manufacturing hubs in Far East are lax and clearly lacking behind European standards. Therefore, ENKA decided in 2016 to reach out for FSC certification and participation in the CanopyStyle Initiative in order to become a role model within our industry, to provoke further growth in Chain of Custody certifications related to the textile and fashion sector and to drive change in our industry in partnership with the Forest Stewardship Council system. Since then, a significant number of ENKA’s customers has joined the Forest Stewardship Council system, in Italy alone 22 companies in the last 18 months. By pursuing this project, we make use of our influence within the fashion industry in order to contribute to greener economy, protection of forest ecosystems, a rising public awareness of sustainability matters and the conservation of nature for current and future generations. Feedback gathered from different players within our industry in the last 18 months clearly shows that our approach touches a nerve and makes others follow!

ENKA’s Wood Pulp Procurement Policy

ENKA’s CanopyStyle Audit