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With the growing global demand for textiles, it will be key for our industry to minimize its environmental impact in the future. Wood-based products from a sustainable supply chain will be an indispensable part of this solution. 


ENKA is a European manufacturer of viscose filament yarn for the fashion industry, a 100% wood-based product, which is fully bio-degradable and which is gained from sustainable and FSC® certified forestation in Scandinavia. ENKA is FSC® certified and audited by CanopyStyle (Forests into Fashion). ENKA’s products are certified according to Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® Class I & Appendix 6 (Z1.0.0541), listed as a “responsible fiber” according to the Fairtrade Textile Standard and carry a “Gold” Material Health Certificate from the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute.

How to create a sustainable supply chain for wood-based products for the fashion industry

Modern supply chains have to be thought through and assessed from a holistic point of view. In this sense, it is vital to organize supply chains from the very beginning up to the final consumer product with a lot of care and consistency. For fashion products and garments this means: Where does the supply chain start? Where does the raw material originate? How is the environmental impact of the different production steps? Are all the related processes organized in a sustainable and responsible way, i.e. how about our environmental and social responsibilities? Is it possible for the final consumer to buy our products with a clear conscience? In these days, the complex textile supply chain is confronted with a lot of criticism: poor working standards in developing countries and emerging markets, negligence of environmental standards, high consumption rates of raw materials, energy, water and land… So, the industry has to take a stand and proactively offer more sustainable solutions. Starting with our own FSC certification in 2016, ENKA was able to establish over the past 3 years a sustainable cellulosic supply chain and to roll out this story further down to the fashion industry. Key elements of this project are: certified sustainable forestry, responsible and certified industrial chemical processes within our European environment and legislation as well as certified textile manufacturers, all of them being organized in a transparent and environmentally-conscious supply chain, which is ready to deal with the fashion industry’s requests for sustainable solutions. In this context, external auditing bodies and NGOs play an important role in providing the necessary transparency to all parties involved.

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