Andrea Razeto

Andrea Razeto

Hitachi Rail

V.P. CSR & Sustainability

Be brave means to get up and talk; and also to sit down and listen
(W. Churchill)

I think life is always a two-way communication process to reach understanding and mutual trust.
Sustainability is not a new concept but today brings innovation, it is the ability to reach and maintain high standards of products, ideas, solutions and lifestyles over time. Social innovation is the one that brings a positive, concrete and responsive impact to the needs of the communities, therefore able to last over time.
We are not looking for innovation as an end in itself, but one that allows us to improve people’s quality of life in a truly smart and efficient way.
From business to education, passing from the third sector and the vision of the future, these are integrated elements and steps at the basis of sustainability. Therefore, not just the environment, but a corporate social responsibility.
CSR is the highest and most concrete interpretation of an intelligent culture: the link between an intelligent solution and what necessary for different stakeholders. It means proactively exploring and responding to business opportunities and risks for future growth, developing a responsible corporate activity in an innovative business, addressing issues and contributing to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.
Being brave means having the ability to change the things that can be changed, accepting the things that cannot be changed, and being smart to tell the difference between the two.

As director of CSR and Sustainability for Hitachi Rail globally, with global managerial experience, from investor relations to external communications, today my goal is even more to contribute to leaving a tangible mark for the new generations, a positive sign of development, which thanks to the Hitachi world, its technologies and strategic choices, is becoming more and more possible.

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