Andrea Razeto

Andrea Razeto

Italy Hitachi Rail STS

Vice President External Communication

Be brave means to get up and talk; and also to sit down and listen (W. Churchill).
I think life is always a two-way communication process to reach understanding and mutual trust.

Initially in a UK multinational company and currently, since 2001, in Ansaldo, I have had the possibility to see different applications of the above thinking and did my best to adapt or manage different situations for always more challenging new goals.
The Vice President, External Communications, defines the communication and marketing strategy in all aspects and relationships of its business, identifying and organizing the key messages to make known the passion that drives our activities.
My studies, education and job experiences have always been part of the Administration, Finance and Control. I had the opportunity to direct, for more than seven years, the relationship and communication with investors for Ansaldo STS and then take care of external relations and communications.
Since 2009 I have been also responsible in communication and strategy for CSR and Sustainability reporting.

Sustainability for me is the ability to reach and maintain high product standards over time, which is possible only if they are able to improve the quality of people’s lives in a real smart way. CSR is the highest and the most concrete interpretation of a smart culture: the link between a smart solution and what is really necessary for local communities. It means to be proactively explore and respond to business opportunities and risks for future growth, to develop a responsible corporate activity in an innovative business, by addressing the issues and contributing to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals. Be brave means to have the ability to change the things that can be changed, to accept those that cannot be changed and be smart to understand the difference between the two things.

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