Who are the sustainability managers in Europe?

2 ottobre 2019
14:00  -  16:00
Aula AS01

A cura di CSR Manager Network

The meeting is dedicated to the presentation of the results of the recent survey conducted by the European Association of Sustainability Professionals (EASP), the association of sustainability professionals that the CSR Manager Network promoted some years ago. The survey will highlight similarities and differences between managers who oversee sustainability issues in seven European countries: France, Germany, Italy, Serbia, Spain, Turkey and the United Kingdom. The organizational positioning, the relations with the top management, the activities carried out, the participation in the elaboration of the strategic plan: these and others, the topics that will be commented by the seven representatives of the EASP partner organizations.

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Social Value Italia
Ph.D. candidate
ALTIS – Università Cattolica di Milano
Member of the Board
DIRSE (Asociación española de directivos de RSE)
Program Manager
Responsible Business Forum Serbia
ICRS Secretariat
The Institute for Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability (ICRS)
Member of the Board
Presidente CSR Manager Network e CSR Manager

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