Nadia Boschi

Nadia Boschi


Head of Sustainability

Nadia is a pioneering leader in the sustainability sector with a 25 plus year track record built on a unique combination of world-class technical and business acumen. She has a strong scientific depth, developed as Professor of Building Construction at Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University (US), and a sturdy business shrewdness built as Sustainability Executive at Lendlease.  Her expertise includes the development of policies and regulations of environmental and health relevance in collaboration with the United States government, the European Union and the World Health Organization. Nadia joined Lendlease in 2015 and her activities in the current role including market transformation activities, development of climate fit strategies for urban re-development, internal and external environmental third party reporting, strategic advising for portfolio/funds value positioning. She is internationally recognized and often offers lectures at universities such as Harvard, University of Sydney, Delft University, Politecnico di Torino, and University of Ferrara. She participates in both scientific and business international debates and is also a peer reviewer for scientific journals.




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