Giacomo Canali

Giacomo Canali


Packaging Research and Sustainability Senior Science Manager

Born in Parma in 1966, he graduated in Organic Chemistry at the University of Parma and in his career he has always dealt with Packaging from different points of view. In the Zambon group (Inphardial) as CQ / AQ, then as head of the Packaging Design Office for the Bormioli Luigi glassworks, and finally in Barilla since 2003, where he has taken on various roles, from design, to innovation, up to today’s position of Senior Science Manager on the topics of: Food Contact Materials, Research and Sustainability Packaging at a global level for the Barilla group.

He is part of the following working groups: FREP Leadership Team (EuPC – Food Contact Regulatory Expert Panel), CEFLEX initiative, PWCoA (plastic waste coalition of action) of the Consumer Goods Forum, and some Working Groups of the Italian Packaging Institute on Environment, Sustainability and Technical topics, CONAI Prevention Group, and is in the board of directors of GSICA (Italian Scientific Group for Food Packaging).

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12 ottobre 2021