Andrea Razeto

Andrea Razeto

Hitachi Rail

Director CSR & Sustainability

Being brave means getting up and talking and also to sit and listen (W. Churchill)


We are climate change innovators whenever we think responsibly and act sustainably to achieve and maintain the solutions that concretely generate a positive impact for the long term and our everyday lives.

Social responsibility is part of a company ethical culture and must be inherent in every decision and action. In the Rail industry, innovation and sustainability are the key elements to provide effective and long-lasting global solutions and products.

Business to skill training, the third sector, and the vision of the future are integrated elements and steps at the basis of sustainability, as seen by Hitachi Rail.

Not just the environment, therefore, but a corporate social responsibility.

CSR is the broadest and most concrete interpretation of a far-sighted culture: the practical link between a smart solution and what is necessary for the stakeholders. Our main stakeholder is our Planet.

At the basis of all this is research, development, but also dialogue and listening skills. It means exploring and proactively responding to opportunities and risks for future growth, developing conscious solutions in an innovative business, addressing problems and contributing to sustainable development goals.

To be brave means having the ability to change the things that we can change, accepting the things that can’t be changed, and being smart to see the difference between the two.

As CSR and Sustainability director for Hitachi Rail globally, with global managerial experience, from investor relations to external communication, my goal is to help leave a tangible mark for the new generations. We can leave a positive sign of growth, thanks to Hitachi mission and values, its technologies and strategic approach.

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