Heinz Zeller

Heinz Zeller

Hugo Boss

Head of Sustainability & Logistics

Originally worked in chemical research, first on anti-malaria and later on biodegradable polymers. Moved on to project management and completed a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems.
Joined HUGO BOSS Ticino in 1998, South Switzerland, with the responsibility to insource all textile and leather licensees, taking over the responsibility of logistics and participated at various corporate business-reengineering projects.
After the completion of the Cert. Adv. Study (CAS) in CSR, he established the HUGO BOSS sustainability road map and the sustainability strategy. Based on this, the required structures and programs were implemented and he led the various involved departments to publish the first sustainability report in 2013 and to set ambitioned targets. The results of this work are many recognitions like CDP DACH sector leader, robecosam industry mover or the listing in the DJSI world index 2017.
Moreover, he created important public documents like the cotton commitment with the help of some well-known cotton experts or thanks to many other field experts and the LCA work done three whitepapers on Natural Capital Valuation.

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