Stefano Di Tillo

Stefano Di Tillo


Head of Portfolio Management and Carbon Offset Market

Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Finance at the University of Bologna – Alma Mater Studiorum. He began his experience as an Economics Advisor for the Ministry of Economy and Finance, at the High School of Economics and Finance in Bologna and then, in 2005, started to approach the world of Utilities after obtaining a Master in Finance and Management Control, as a Financial Controller at Gruppo Hera S.p.A..
In 2013 he joined the energy sales company – Hera Comm Spa (a Company belonging to Gruppo Hera S.p.A.), as Head of Margins Management & Settlement in support to the General Management and then, in 2019, expanding the scope of action by covering the role of Head of Portfolio Management and Carbon Offset Market, implementing sustainable energy procurement policies, in a period that has seen at a global level a strong discontinuity with the past in terms of new energy supply policies, to seize new opportunities from the market, with a view on sustainability. Last but not least, he has developed for Gruppo Hera S.p.A. specific policies and processes related to the voluntary carbon credits and carbon markets.
In his career he has further specialized, strengthening his skills and knowledge both in the field of Energy Trading and Portfolio Management, with a particular focus on the Gruppo Hera S.p.A. policies for Sustainability by recently obtaining a Master in Sustainability and Business Innovation at the Bologna Business School – BBS.

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