Luciano Pirovano

Luciano Pirovano

Bolton Food

Global Sustainable Development Director

Luciano Pirovano is the Global Sustainable Development Director Food in Bolton Food, Head of Sustainable Development since 2008.

He has over 30 years of experience in leading Multinational Companies operating in the Food & Beverage business.​

He has a key role in the development of the sustainability strategy, he signed the WWF transformational partnership in 2017 and Oxfam transformational partnership in 2020.​

He participated in the creation of ISSF in 2009. Chair of the ISSF Board of Directors (2017-21), he is a member of the ISSA Board of Directors and Executive Committee.​

He leads the way in advocacy through strong initiatives with our partners (WWF, ISSF) and by also joining the North Atlantic Pelagic Advocacy (NAPA) Group and EU’s Long Distance Advisory Council (LDAC).​

He is Chairman Working Group Sustainability AIPCE CEP.​

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